Published on 01/03/2020

On the 8th March it's International Women's Day, so we wanted to do something to inspire girls and women to come and work in the energy sector. Just 14% of the energy workforce are women, so we believe that the industry is missing out on the great qualities that women can bring to the table.

We're lucky enough to have an even mix of genders and have a great team of people who come from different backgrounds and work experiences and bring positive diversity to the team.

We asked some of the women in our team to share their stories.

This is Hannah’s story:

My name is Hannah, and I work in Operations Support for Gulf Gas and Power UK

We do a bit of everything in Operations, but my main focus is on investigating metering issues, liaising with our third parties to manage jobs, and working to resolve any issues with billing and data flows. As well as this, I’m also involved with understanding the processes behind Smart Metering as we’re moving forward with this project.

I joined the energy sector in 2018, after leaving university. I was looking for a job that would let me use and develop my analytical skills and a workplace where I could see a chance to grow and progress.

Not necessarily within the energy sector, but in previous jobs, I had my ability underestimated because of my gender. While it was frustrating, I’ve always been comfortable in knowing that my work was to a high standard and understood my own ability.

There are so many inspiring women, but my nanna is a huge inspiration for me. I’ve always considered her to be incredibly hard-working, patient and kind, and she’s never allowed anyone to limit her because of her gender – even taking part in one of the earliest York City Women’s Football Teams in the last 1950s.

I would say that as long as you’re willing to work hard, there is a place for you here, and you can help shape the future of the energy industry to be even more welcoming and diverse going forward.

This is Koletta’s story:

Koletta is our marketing assistant and is responsible for the content on our website and the running of our social media channels.

This is her story: