Published on 23/01/2020

Excellent customer service is key to our success, so providing an exceptional customer experience is at the heart of everything we do.

If you’ve had to get in touch with us, you’ll have spoken to a member of our customer services team. These are the hard-working people who answer your calls, respond to your emails and make sure you receive some of the best service levels the industry has to offer.

We took the opportunity to have a chat with some of the team to find out what motivates them and why offering services that surprise and delight is so important.

Meet Hazel, our Customer Service Manager and Customer Service Advisors Alys, Chloe and Gareth.

How is Gulf Gas & Power UK customer service different from our competitors?

Chloe: “I’ve worked in service for the last four years, and I’ve never worked in a team with managers that are so committed to delivering excellent customer service. It is encouraging to come to work each day and be able to show off what you are good at. We work really hard, in co-operation with other departments and people who know their fields well, to ensure that issues are resolved as quickly as possible.”

Alys: “Gulf is completely different due to our focus on the quality of service that we provide. We are always working on ways to adapt and change how we deliver our services, particularly by using the feedback we receive from our customers. Within the team we take the time to understand the needs of our customers and adapt our services accordingly to ensure the right outcome is achieved on all occasions.”

How do you ensure customer satisfaction and how customers react to our service?

Hazel: “We set a high bar with our service standards, but the challenge comes in maintaining this over a sustained period. We often reach a target and then continually review performance to make sure we continue to hit the same standard daily, weekly and monthly.

It’s essential to ensure that our team can support and assist customers in resolving queries effectively; an example is our target which requires all customer calls to be answered within 30 seconds. In October, 80% of our calls connected to a customer service advisor straight away without having to wait.”

How customers react to our service?

Gareth: “The feedback on our service is overwhelmingly positive. Customers are often quick to comment on how much more efficient we are compared to other energy suppliers; especially when a complex query pops up.”

Chloe: “Our Trustpilot score sits at 4.7 out of 5 and we're rated as ‘Excellent’, demonstrating how delighted our customers are with the service we provide them with.”

What would your message be to those thinking about switching?

Hazel: “Selecting a supplier which meets both your financial and service needs is really important. I recommend that customers review what’s available to them and decide what is most important. If connecting with a customer service quickly is important to you, then this is what you should look for. If finding the cheapest supplier on the market is your only buying choice, you may have to compromise on some of the services you receive.

At Gulf, we consider ourselves to be a well-rounded supplier; 100% renewable electricity, excellent online service, great value products and a dedicated customer service team.”

Chloe: “If you are searching for an energy supplier who genuinely has your best interest at heart and is passionate about doing the right thing for its customers, then you should switch to Gulf Gas & Power UK.”

What motivates you in your role?

Alys says: “What motivates me is that I work with an excellent team. We all support each other to make sure that we’re on top of our targets, but if anyone is ever struggling, there is always someone to help. The best thing is that you are always asked how you are and not treated as just an employee – people here really care. I am looking forward to seeing how far I can grow and develop with Gulf Gas & Power UK.”

Chloe: “The motivation at work comes from the positive environment and the people I work with. I love my job and enjoy the work I do. It motivates me to be the best that I can be and make further developments and progress.”

Hazel: “I am a perfectionist, I am always looking to make improvements, whether it is a process or people related. I spend a lot of time analysing our statistics, and it is a great feeling when I can share something exceptional.”

Gareth: “We naturally seek positive and motivated people to join the team. For that reason, I tend to get motivated by the energy of the people around me.”


Finally, we asked our Head of Service, Emma Stewart, what is the difference?

“Great question – The short answer is ‘belief’.

We operate in environments that are uncertain or going through profound change and as a result, many businesses are focused on short term strategies. At Gulf we appreciate that this does not work from a customer experience perspective, where a consistent, long term approach is necessary.

Belief in this agenda has to start at the top. Our Leadership Team understands that our customers are our business. We recognise that there are a number of areas that drive higher levels of overall satisfaction and we invest into these; we make ourselves easy to do business with, provide robust online and offline channels, keep our commitments, invest in systems, our training and our people.

We are passionate about what we do and who we do it with.

My aim is to create an environment where each member of the team knows they have the space to explore being professionally exceptional. There is great pride and satisfaction for all involved. An intrinsic link exists between the energy of a service team that is invested in, believing ‘they can’, and a happy customer. The standard of service that results from this cannot be artificially created … and at Gulf we don’t need to. “

If you’d like to see what our customers have to say about our service, have a look at our Trustpilot reviews and if joining an energy supplier who puts their customers at the centre of everything they do is important to you, why not get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.