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The King rides off into the sunset…

Ian King, Ten-time European Top Fuel Motorcycle Drag Champion

He is arguably the greatest exponent of Motorcycle Drag racing ever to have come out of the British Isles. For the majority of Ian King’s ultra-successful career riding the world’s most powerful motorcycles, he has raced under the Gulf Dragracing banner and he has now brought down the curtain on a stellar career in Motorcycle Top Fuel Drag Racing.

The facts about Ian King

  • Ten-time European Top Fuel Motorcycle Drag Champion.
  • European Drag Record holder for both top speed and elapsed times over a quarter mile.
  • Motorcycle World Land Speed Record Holder over a quarter mile from standing start.

The Gulf Dragracing GPO team was the brainchild of Ian himself together with long time Gulf licensee, Dakota (GPO being their Grand Prix Originals clothing and accessories brand). Marco Ruf of Dakota pitched the idea to Gulf at the 2010 Global Conference in Argentina and, since then, Ian has failed only once to win the Top Fuel Championship.

The two wheeled blue and orange 1500 brake horsepower rocket was new for 2011 and, though it was quick from the outset, it has got consistently faster, culminating in an elapsed time of 5.81 seconds for a quarter mile run from a standing start. Indeed, in one incredible meeting in 2016 he posted no fewer than five of the twenty fastest runs of all time.

Check out the video of Ian’s record run here:

Ian himself is cool, quiet and considered – perhaps not what you might expect from someone who sits astride a machine that accelerates to 150kph in under one second – and to 400kph some four seconds later - most of the time with its front wheel off the ground. But, not only is Ian the pilot of this incredible machine, he is also the man who designs and builds its engine – and those of its main competitors around the world.

Ian’s Puma engine company powers most of the world’s leading Top Fuel bikes – and perhaps the most amazing thing of all is that this fire-breathing monster is lubricated by standard “off-the-shelf” Gulf road lubricants. There can be fewer practical demonstrations of the quality of Gulf products than their ability to deliver consistent performance in the sort of conditions that make the word “extreme” look extremely tame.

Ian – and the Gulf Dragracing bike will be appearing at various Gulf events in 2018 as part of a short farewell tour.


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