How can we support you today?

When will you take my first payment?

Business energy customers receive their bills on the 4th of each month, meaning your first bill

How has my Direct Debit been calculated?

Your Direct Debit payments will be based on the amount of energy you have used in the previous

How have you estimated my bill?

We ask for a monthly meter reading via email; if you don't provide us with one, we'll estimate the

Why have my energy prices increased?

Being in a fixed term contract means your energy prices won't change for the term of your contract.

How do I set up my direct debit?

If you pay your bills by Direct Debit, this will be set up automatically when you join us. If you

When will you take my Direct Debit payments?

Your Direct Debit will be taken 10 working days after we produce your bill; the exact date will be

How can I make online payments?

You can pay online either through your My Gulf account, or by making a payment into our account

Can I pay by cheque?

If paying by cheque, please make all cheques payable to Gulf Gas & Power UK and send to:Gulf

Do I need to pay CCL?

Under a government concession, ‘low usage’ of electricity and gas for business or non-domestic

What happens if I can't afford to pay my energy bill?

If you are struggling to make your monthly energy bill payments, or are worried about debt on your

My account is in credit. Can I have a refund?

If there is credit on your account and you have provided up to date meter readings, you can contact